Balancing the built environment with the needs of our natural world.

The Sun Corridor refers to the region between Nogales, Arizona in the south, to Prescott, Arizona in the north, with Phoenix at its center. This region is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country – and because of this, it’s at a greater risk for unplanned urban sprawl and misuse of natural resources. These risks can lead to irreparable damage to the natural environments and ultimately, the characteristic of the West. With the help of conservation organizations, local governments, private groups and you, the Sonoran Institute is working to strike the right balance between our built and natural environments.

In order to achieve this balance, we’ve focused our efforts on these critical goals:

  1. Supporting clean, secure and renewable energy sources.
  2. Balancing urban growth with landscape conservation.
  3. Creating innovative approaches to water challenges.

By advancing innovations in clean energy, infrastructure and river restoration, our Sun Corridor team is creating a sustainable future right now in the present. We’re helping Arizona realize its enormous solar energy potential, identifying hundreds of thousands of acres where solar plants can be built with minimal harm to the Sonoran Desert.

Our Living River Reports for the Lower Santa Cruz River are also bearing fruit, demonstrating how reclaimed water can be used to restore rivers, their habitats and their recreational uses for people in the arid West.


We encourage you to learn more about our efforts in the Sun Corridor and get involved today!


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