An Analysis of West-Wide Energy Corridor 30-52


This report provides a thorough evaluation of a promising transmission corridor that can connect Arizona’s emerging renewable energy economy with markets in Arizona and California. Over the past few years, the lack of transmission infrastructure has limited the development of smartly-located energy projects that capitalizes on Arizona’s outstanding solar resources. The 30-52 corridor, a West-Wide Energy Corridor (WWEC) as identified in Section 368 of the National Energy Policy Act of 2005, provides comparably low-impact alternatives to portions of the Palo Verde-Devers 2 line that was rejected by the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2008. As a result of a legal settlement reached in 2012, all Section 368 corridors will be reevaluated as to their environmental impacts and their ability to help deliver renewable power to markets. The analysis performed by the Sonoran Institute in this report demonstrates how the Bureau of Land Management and Department of Energy can perform a thorough reevaluation of these corridors


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