2013 Annual Report – Connections

It is the essence, the history, the heartbeat of the Sonoran Institute. It is what distinguishes our unique approach to conservation and community development. And after 24 years of engaging with communities from… MORE ›


The State of the Santa Cruz River explores the history of the Santa Cruz River and highlights the diverse efforts working to protect the river’s rich heritage. This is a companion piece to… MORE ›

Colorado River Delta Program Summary (Spring 2014)

Water, life, and hope are returning to the Delta. In conjunction with the historic binational agreement Minute 319, we are leading efforts to 1) Restore natural habitat through on-the-ground restoration projects; 2) Renew individual and community relationships with the river and promote long term stewardship through community engagement; and 3) Reconnect the Colorado River with the sea by developing innovative mechanisms to secure water for the Delta.