You’re Part of the Story

At the Sonoran Institute we are proud of our supporters and value the critical role you play in making everything we achieve possible. With your help, the Sonoran Institute has worked for over 25 years helping communities adapt to changing environmental and economic conditions. By supporting the Sonoran Institute, you are part of forward-looking solutions that see beyond tomorrow, solutions that make a measurable difference.

When you support the Sonoran Institute you send a strong, positive message:

• We’re all in this together
• A community-based approach is the best approach
• Despite obstacles, a sustainable future is possible

Ways to Give:

Become a Monthly Sustainer
Your year-round donations help us plan ahead and react quickly when there is a need. This saves time, effort, and money and can easily be done through our website

Join our Hummingbird Circle
Our Hummingbird Circle is comprised of individuals who give annual gifts of support totaling $1,000 or more. This dedicated group makes up only 20% of our support but provides over 90% of our resources

Contribute through a Retirement Account
You can name Sonoran Institute as a beneficiary of your retirement plan

Leave a Gift in your Will or Trust
A gift to Sonoran Institute through your will or trust ensures that the impact of the Sonoran Institute will continue for generations

Memorial and Tribute Gifts
Honor someone special by making a memorial or tribute gift in their name

Workplace and Matching Gifts
Does your employer match charitable contributions? If they do, you can double the impact of your gift to the Sonoran Institute. When you send us your donation, simply include your company’s matching gift form and we’ll do the rest

Stock Gifts
You can donate stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares to Sonoran Institute. We’ll send you a charitable income tax deduction for the full market value of the asset. It’s possible to completely avoid capital gains tax by contributing securities instead of cash

If you have any questions about these or others ways to contribute to Sonoran Institute please give us a call (520) 290-0828.