A New Chapter, A Bold Vision for 2040

Do you live in the West? Maybe visited? At the very least, you’re familiar with the romantic, wild and majestic characteristics that make this part of the country so unique. The Sonoran Institute has spent over 25 years working hard to preserve the character of the West that brought us here, while fulfilling the promise of the New West. Now, we’re looking ahead to the next 25.

Western Challenges, Unique Opportunities

For all its beauty, when you think of the West you probably also think of its challenges: urban sprawl, harsh climates, scarce resources. But at the Sonoran Institute, we see these as integral parts of the Western experience, an experience we help shape by finding balance between the natural world and the built environment. From water scarcity to hasty development, we know the unique challenges that face this part of the country — and we’re nimble and resilient enough to tackle them.

“For over 25 years, Sonoran Institute has been a pioneer in efforts to unite and celebrate the best of Western culture, history, nature and urban spaces. In a country and world that is sadly all too divided, Sonoran Institute unites and promotes all that we have in common; seeks practical solutions to the challenges the West faces; and, continues to prove that rural and urban environments can support one another and do so sustainably. We are proud to have made a lead gift to Sonoran Institute’s 25th Anniversary; we ask others to invest as well.” Dick and Nan Walden Farmers Investment Co./Green Valley Pecan Co., Sahuarita, AZ

Equipped to Succeed

The best way to start down the path of success is to know your strengths. And with 25 years of dedicated work in the West, the Sonoran Institute has come to discover, cultivate and grow our own set of unique abilities.

  • We know how to work with people. Communities are just as important as the environments they live in.
  • We empower people to take ownership of their futures and help preserve the character of the West.
  • We have a proven track record. 500,000 acres of restored and protected land; $300 million raised for local conservation efforts; support for 20 community stewardship organizations. The numbers speak for themselves.
  • We’re conservationists. But we think about more than just saving water and the environment. We consider ways to better manage energy, transportation and more — because we know how closely they affect each other.
  • We’re optimists. We know what it means to be adaptive; the West has definitely taught us that! Through community involvement from people like you, we know we can usher the West into a successful future.
You’re Part of the Story

You’re a member of a family, a neighborhood, a community, a city, a state. You’re an invaluable piece of the complex puzzle that makes up the West – and you can make a difference. Without you, we couldn’t do the work we do.

The next 25 years promises to be unforgettable. We’re focusing on continued conservation, economic sustainability, a new approach to transportation and widespread community infrastructure improvements. And this is all for the people and environments of this amazing region. We’d love for you to get involved in this long-lasting and deeply impactful work.

Support Our Work

We’re excited about our 25th anniversary, so we wanted a goal that was equally exciting — $1.5 million, to be exact! With your help and fellow Supporters, we met that goal! As we launch into our next 25 years, learn more about how you can contribute to this momentum and leave a legacy of your own.


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