Sonoran Institute x Becky Duffy

As I drove into the mountains, I listened to the podcast: Thirst Gap: Learning to Live with Less on the Colorado River. It shares how the Southwest is adapting to water shortages as climate change… MORE ›

The Delta – As She Rises podcast

Edith Santiago, associate director of the Sonoran Insitute’s Colorado River Delta Program, talks about connecting the river back to the sea.

A River for the Future – Colorado Public Radio

Fransisco Zamora, our senior director of programs, speaks with Colorado Public Radio about the Laguna Grande restoration site in the Colorado River Delta and discuss the history, maintenance and future of this project.… MORE ›

Santa Cruz River Research Days Recap 2023 

“I know that a great deal of collaboration that went onto include so many entities – solutions to our environmental problems will only be solved through such collaborative actions. I like facts and… MORE ›

Sonoran Post – April 2023

Sonoran Post – April 2023 Edition See all the great work we’ve done since you heard from us last, and see where we’re headed for the summer months!