Supporting you, your community and your economic health.

Your community’s economic health directly affects the lives of you and your family. But how do you gauge that health? How do you make it better? And how do you protect its future? At the Sonoran Institute, our concern is you and the economic conditions that are right in your backyard.2009 Annual Report Images 002

We see a deep connection between the preservation of natural resources and economic prosperity. Local economies live and breathe just like the flora and fauna of their environments. They require careful protection, attention and planning to ensure continued growth and a sustainable existence. We believe that natural resource conservation and economic prosperity go hand in hand and neither are possible without the other. Our work in protecting the natural environment has given us the perspective and skills necessary to make positive contributions to the West’s continued economic success.

From studying the importance of vibrant downtown centers, to supporting open space and water, the Sonoran Institute helps communities make the connection between sustainable economies and the natural world.