Supporting a clean, safe and reliable future.

Clean. Renewable. Safe. These are energy concerns for any growing community, especially the West. It’s vital to our survival that we establish healthy energy practices, and the Sonoran Institute is working with communities, municipalities and businesses to do just that.

The West offers unique opportunities (and challenges) when it comes to energy. We benefit from a wealth of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. However, we must also contend with harsh climates, inefficient infrastructure and diverse community interests. Creating sustainable energy practices involves coordination and collaboration between our governments, our communities, our businesses and our environment. That’s a lot of moving pieces, and the Sonoran Institute has the experience needed to support these important initiatives.

Our work has contributed to more effective energy transmission plans, solar energy proliferation and more — all while respecting and preserving our natural environments.

To us, energy sustainability is a foundational piece of continued economic, environmental and community success in the West. We don’t just talk about it — we take action. The Sonoran Institute is heavily involved in real-world studies and initiatives that shape the West’s energy future.