Airport Wash Volunteer Work Day

October 14, 2017

A neighborhood adjacent to Airport Wash on Tucson’s south side experiences flooding even during light rainfall. The Sonoran Institute and Watershed Management Group (WMG) are collaborating to capture rainwater at a site in the neighborhood—the New Hope Church. The two organizations have connected with church leaders to begin crafting the project’s design and implementation plan with community members to transform barren parts of the property into welcoming shaded areas. The rainwater will nourish the new vegetation and reduce the extensive flooding that occurs at and around the church.

Volunteers can get in on the action, learn water harvesting skills and pitch in on planting native trees and shrubs with staff from both organizations.

Airport Wash Volunteer Work Day
Saturday, October 14, 2017
8:00 am – 1:00 pm
New Hope Church
6740 S. Santa Clara Ave. (map)
Tucson, AZ 85756



We encourage you to learn more about this work. The Airport Wash project has been supported through a 2017 Blue Water Leadership Grant from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).