Flowing Gems at the Southern Arizona Work Space

October 19, 2016

Do you know the Santa Cruz River is Tucson’s Living River? Come learn more about this flowing gem. That’s right, though many residents are familiar with its dry stretches, our river has stretches that flow year-round.

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Do you know the Colorado River no longer flows to the sea? Bringing water and life back to the Colorado River Delta is one of region’s biggest challenges and opportunities.

The Sonoran Institute, one of Western North America’s leading conservation organizations happens to be headquartered right here in Tucson where we were founded in 1990 and is leading efforts on both these important rivers. We’re excited to present our innovative work that is making huge impacts in our local, regional, and binational watersheds. Our presentation will feature two of our organization’s leaders in the field of water, Claire Zugmeyer and Karen Schlatter, as they take you on a journey of our major initiatives on the Santa Cruz and Colorado Rivers.

For more information, check out the Southern Arizona Work Space page!

Join us at EXO Roast Co in Tucson, AZ on Oct. 19th from 6-8pm.

Registration will be $8 at the door and a portion of the proceeds from this talk will go to Sonoran Institute.