River Visioning: Santa Cruz County

November 16, 2017

Help advocate for and protect the flowing Santa Cruz River within Santa Cruz County. 

Tell us which elements of the river are most important and meaningful for you and your community. Perhaps your family has spent time recreating and making special memories along the river. Maybe the environmental aspects such as clean water and cottonwood trees are most important to you. Is the river’s role in our history and culture is something you identify with? Or, perhaps you value how the river adds to the economy through tourism and industry. No matter what your view is, we want to hear from you. 

Santa Cruz County residents participated in a similar dialogue with Sonoran Institute last year. We are revisiting this conversation to stay up-to-date and to include as many views as possible. Have recent events like the International Outfall Interceptor breach changed your views about the river? 

November 16th at 6pm
Tubac Community Center
50 Bridge Road, #B4, Tubac, AZ 85646


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