Sonoran Sustainers is our membership program designed to engage and reward our most dedicated supporters.

Memberships start at a monthly donation of $10 ($120 per year).

As a member you will receive exclusive access to our events, programs, and publications, as well as special discounts on our swag and ticketed events. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about new initiatives among like-minded individuals who are passionate about preserving the beauty and biodiversity of the Colorado River community.

Your Impact Is Priceless

Learn how your support can make a difference.

A donation of $20/month ($240) helps build community resilience for the 40 million people in the Colorado River community.

A donation of $40/month ($480) helps us build outreach programs to increase water capacity for those who need it most.

A donation of $60/month ($720) helps to reconnect the Colorado River to the sea, double the annual flow of the Santa Cruz River, and boost the flow of the Hardy River in Mexico!

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$1000 ($84/month) or more Sonoran Sustainers are invited to our Hummingbird Circle.

The Hummingbird Circle receives an exclusive invitation to attend quarterly private events with Sonoran Institute Board Members, Advisory Council, and Executive Leadership, in addition to all membership benefits.

Your generous support helps fund the organization’s programs and initiatives, which are designed to protect and restore water resources in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

Member Benefits

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Exclusive access to events, programs, and publications.

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Invitation to our monthly networking event with environmental leaders.

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Discounts on swag and ticketed events and early access to purchase limited edition Sonoran Institute Annual T-shirts.

Thank you to our current Sonoran Sustainers

Rowene Aguirre-Medina
Kerry Baldwin
David Baumgarten
Louise “Lollie” Benz-Plank
Gail Bliss
Diane Bowden
John & Patricia Case
Emiel Brott
Mika Chious
Jim Click
Ronald Cipriani
BG Colby
Arlene & Dick Cole
Arlan Colton
Melissa Cordero
David Crown
Mary Dahl
Janet Derck
Sarah Dorsey
Eric Dudley
Tim Dunne
Vance Falbaum
Les Frank
Cynthia Garcia
Susan Gerard
Kathy Gerst
Louise R. Glasser
Jonathon Goldman
Andrew S. Gordon
Thomas Gougeon
Charles & Mary Graf
Edna Gray
Wendy Greeney
Barbara Griswold
Jae Hall
Brian Hale
Adam Helman
Anna Hill-Price

Gordon Hunt
Martha Hunter-Henderson
Kashja Iler
Peter Jeffries
Barbara Jones
Nyda Jones-Church
Shanta Jordan
Beth & Michael Kasser
Tika Kelley
David Kennedy
Dan B. Kimball
Steven Kuhn
Leland “Lee” Leachman
David Lehman
Robert Linehan
Pamela Maher
Lisa Mainz
Peggy Marlatt
Philip Marsh
John McBride
Andrew McCain
Kevin McDonald
Juliet McKenna & Peter Reiners
Carrie McKirchy
Gary McNeil
Lauren Menser
Norma Miller
Molly Miller
Kerry Milligan
Anne Mize
Cheryl Mollohan
Jeannine Mortimer
Catheren Morton
Haley Mount
Jan Mulder
Anna Murveit
Jeffrey Niwa

Theodore Olson
Damien Ossi
Laurinda Oswald
Ellen Patterson
Steve Pearl
Peer Pederson
Preston Plaxco
Brian Powell & Leza Carter
Joan Powell
Alex Rath
Chris Rife
Nancy Robertson
Dereka Rushbrook
Richard Schaefer
Anne Maley Schaffner
John Shepard
Suzanne Shields
Dean Sipe
Lowell Smoger
Matt Teeters
Barton & Holly Thompson
Luke Thorn
James Tolbert
Anne Trumble
Leslie Uhr
Bridget Wade Radcliff
Lisa Warneke
Roger Warren
Luann S. Waters
David Wegner
Carol Weiss
Jeffrey Wilkinson
Gerry & Vicki Wolfe
Virginia Zaccheo
Francisco Zamora
Michael Zellner

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