Sonoran Sustainers is a monthly membership program designed to engage and reward our most dedicated supporters.

As a member you will receive exclusive access to our events, programs, and publications, as well as special discounts on our swag and ticketed events. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about new initiatives among like-minded individuals who are passionate about preserving the beauty and biodiversity of the Colorado River community.

Your Impact Is Priceless

Learn how your support can make a difference.

A donation of $240 ($20/month) helps build community resilience for the 40 million people in the Colorado River region! You can make a lasting impact and ensure that 80% of the population has access to the resources they need to thrive, adapt to changing conditions, and respond to challenges in a way that maintains the health and sustainability of the river and its resources.

A donation of $480 ($40/month) helps us build outreach programs to increase water capacity for those who need it most. Your support will contribute to providing access to clean and safe water, access to water sources in areas where water is scarce, providing infrastructure to improve water delivery systems, and investing in water conservation and management initiatives. This helps to provide access to water treatment and sanitation systems, as well as providing education and training on water conservation and management.

A donation of $720 ($60/month) helps direct water reuse, doubling the reach of the Santa Cruz River and boosting the flow of the Hardy River in Mexico – creating a brighter future for the Sonoran region! Your support can contribute to the process of taking wastewater, treating it to a certain standard, and then using it for a beneficial purpose. This can include using it for agricultural irrigation, industrial processes, or even drinking water. Reusing water helps to conserve natural resources, reduce the need for new water sources, and reduce the amount of wastewater that needs to be treated and disposed of.

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$1000 ($84/month) or more Sonoran Sustainers are invited to our Hummingbird Circle.

The Hummingbird Circle receives an exclusive invitation to attend quarterly private events with Sonoran Institute Board Members, Advisory Council, and Executive Leadership, in addition to all membership benefits.

Your generous support helps fund the organization’s programs and initiatives, which are designed to protect and restore water resources in the Southwest US and Northern MX. Your support will make a lasting impact to protect urban water conservation and water management practices in communities that depend on it. This includes implementing water conservation measures such as water-efficient fixtures, rainwater harvesting, and greywater reuse, as well as developing strategies to reduce water pollution and improve water quality. With your commitment these measures will help ensure that Colorado River communities have access to clean, safe, and reliable water sources for generations to come.

Member Benefits

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Exclusive access to events, programs, and publications.

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Invitation to our monthly networking event with environmental leaders.

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Discounts on swag and ticketed events and early access to purchase limited edition Sonoran Institute Annual T-shirts.

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We are so grateful for any monthly donation amount to Sonoran Institute, but if you are able to donate $20 or more a month, it would make a tremendous impact.
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