Nourish and Sustain – Vision 2020-2025 (English)


Bold plans for thriving communities and ecosystems

In March 2020, the Sonoran Institute adopted a new strategic framework that sharpens our focus in tackling the challenges facing the West over the next five years. Through civil dialogue, collaboration, and capacity building, we work with local communities and partners toward a shared vision of lasting prosperity.

As we look to the future, the availability of water will increasingly be a major driver of change. Prolonged drought and extreme weather events have made our water supplies more vulnerable, while continued population growth is causing a major shift in water demand from agriculture to urban areas. The decisions we make about how we allocate, conserve and reuse water will have profound implications for our quality of life, spurring Sonoran Institute to focus our efforts on water to create the greatest impact.

This report is also available in Spanish.


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