In the Seat of Restoration

Interviewing the people closest to the Colorado River Delta restoration

The Colorado River Delta is a place where nature is returning to life in extraordinary ways, especially with the regular deliveries of water throughout the next few months. We couldn’t have this natural beauty and the community benefits without the people who work to achieve positive change. Join us for the In the Seat of Restoration video series with our scientists, field staff, and community members. Together, their stories highlight the wide range of technical skills, organizing, history and culture behind restoring the Colorado River Delta.

Juan Ruíz

Meet Juan! One of our newest team members working in the Colorado River Delta, he is a hydrology technician, an awesome scientist and champion for the environment!

Daniel Cruz

Meet Daniel, one of our awesome scientists working in the Colorado River Delta! He is a hydrology technician who loves observing the flora and fauna of the Delta!

Carlos Nieblas

Meet Carlos! One of our newest team members working in the Colorado River Delta, he is a hydrological and ecological monitoring technician, an awesome scientist, and an advocate for the environment! He loves seeing the results of restoration in the Delta, including the forests of great cottonwood trees.

Cristal Galindo

Meet Cristal, a passionate leader of the restoration work that improves the health of the Colorado River Delta and its forests! She is a field supervisor who has been working to restore the Delta for over 10 years!

Antonia Torres Gonzalez

Meet Antonia Torres Gonzalez. Antonia is an indigenous Cucapá woman who has promoted Cucapá culture for more than 22 years in the Mexicali Valley. She highlights how important the flows released in the Colorado River Delta have been for her community and family.

Tomás Rivas

Meet Tomás! Tomás is a restoration specialist for the Colorado River Delta. He oversees restoration activities and plans the restoration of new sites. What he loves most is finding new species of insects, animals, and plants!

Celia Alvarado

This is Celia Alvarado! She grows trees and native plants from seed to reforest the Colorado River Delta. She describes the return of wildlife and encourages everyone to take care of the environment and protect the river.

Blog Post by: Shane Stanzel, Marketing Intern