Here Fishy-Fishy! The 2023 SI fish survey 

In late 2023, blue skies and sunshine found Sonoran Institute staff, partners, and friends knee-deep in water for our 16th annual fish survey. Their objective: identify which fish species are currently observed in… MORE ›

Kicking off 2024 on a high note

Beside the looming company of A Mountain, Logan Phillips gathered us in the cool morning air with poetry to welcome and inspire a shared love and appreciation for the Sonoran Desert. Childrens’ laughter… MORE ›

The Story Behind the Jersey

The Inspiration – The Colorado River Basin, a captivating landscape that winds through seven U.S. states, extends into Mexico, and spans the ancestral territories of over thirty Indigenous tribes. This arid region serves… MORE ›

Sonoran Institute x Becky Duffy

As I drove into the mountains, I listened to the podcast: Thirst Gap: Learning to Live with Less on the Colorado River. It shares how the Southwest is adapting to water shortages as climate change… MORE ›

Santa Cruz River Research Days Recap 2023 

“I know that a great deal of collaboration that went onto include so many entities – solutions to our environmental problems will only be solved through such collaborative actions. I like facts and… MORE ›

Letter to Water Infrastructure Finance Authority

Last year, in response to former Governor Ducey’s call for action to address Arizona’s water challenges, the Legislature passed bipartisan, multifaceted legislation to tackle a variety of water issues. As enacted, the new… MORE ›

A park in Colorado with a body of water and city buildings in the distance
Growing Water Smart Ready to Meet Basin Challenges 

In August 2022, five of the largest water providers in the Colorado River Basin signed onto a Memorandum of Understanding outlining their commitments to water conservation, efficiency, and reuse in response to intensifying… MORE ›

A Journey Along the Santa Cruz River

For many of its miles, the Santa Cruz River is a dry sandy bed inhabited by tough desert creatures and vegetation. From headwaters in the Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona to its confluence… MORE ›

Sonoran Institute in Planning Matters

Sonoran Institute’s Waverly Klaw was featured in the Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Associations “Planning Matters” August issue. See page 20 for the article “Whose Responsibility is it to Prove a New… MORE ›

One Basin

The Water & Tribes Initiative issues a shared vision statement for the sustainable, resilient use of the Colorado River and its tributaries for people and nature As the Colorado River Basin grapples with… MORE ›

Santa Cruz River Research Days Recap 2022

“The cultural history of the Santa Cruz is a rich, complex, and fascinating one. For starters, the Santa Cruz is the reason we can call Tucson home. And its waters have supported people… MORE ›

Jump in for Arizona!

On Arizona Gives Day and Every Day “Forty-five years ago, I was fortunate to spend two weeks on a four-person raft traveling the Colorado River and hiking the canyons. It was a time… MORE ›