Endangered Fish Rediscovered in Santa Cruz River

Return Demonstrates Role of Recycled Wastewater in Ecosystem Recovery “We have seen such an improvement in water quality from a 2009 upgrade to the international wastewater treatment plant that we knew Gila topminnow… MORE ›

News Release 7.29.2015

The report examines the relationship and challenges of Arizona’s military installations, the publicly owned lands surrounding them and the public’s support of obtaining additional conservation easements adjacent to military facilities. “I encourage citizens to attend… MORE ›

News Release 7.22.2015

  The comprehensive report on the management of state trust lands is an updated version of the original 2006 publication, State Trust Lands in the West: Fiduciary Duty in a Changing Landscape, reflecting… MORE ›

News Release 7.06.2015

The framework, developed by the Sonoran Institute with input from military, community and conservation leaders, is being released July 6 as part of a new study “Mutual Benefit; Preserving Arizona’s Military Mission and… MORE ›

News Release 3.11.2015

  State trust land management agencies are poised to make better use of conservation mechanisms including conservation sales and leases through easements or outright fee-simple purchases, ecosystems services markets, and land tenure and… MORE ›

News Release 1.21.2015

  “Climate change is recognized as one of the most significant environmental challenges of our time,” said Summer Waters, director of the Sonoran Institute’s Western Lands and Communities program. “Our findings indicate that… MORE ›

NEWS RELEASE 9.10.2014

  More than two-thirds (69%) of western voters support renewable energy development on public lands that does not harm wildlife and avoids wild places, with Arizona polling even higher at 79%; More than… MORE ›

Stephanie Sklar
News Release 9.4.2014

  “The Board conducted an intensive search process and interviewed a number of excellent candidates,” says Henri Bisson, chairman of the Sonoran Institute Board of Directors. “Stephanie was our top choice, and we… MORE ›

News Release – 8.13.2014

  “Summer’s diverse background in land-use and natural resource planning make her ideally suited to lead our Western Lands and Communities program,” said John Shepard, interim Chief Executive Officer for the Sonoran Institute.… MORE ›

News Release – 07.25.14

“Our Raise the River coalition joins communities and organizations throughout the Basin in celebrating the beautiful, life-giving Colorado River.  The binational commitment to reviving the health of the Colorado River Delta shows that… MORE ›

News Release – 5.05.14

  “We have accepted with regret Maria’s resignation as CEO,” says Bill Mitchell, chairman of the Sonoran Institute Board of Directors. “We all deeply appreciate the strong leadership, enthusiasm, and conservation experience she… MORE ›

News Release – 3.27.14

  “This is a very exciting day for both countries,” said Osvel Hinojosa, Water and Wetlands Program Director at Pronatura Noroeste, a Mexican non-profit conservation organization. “Especially for those of us who have… MORE ›

News Release – 03.19.14

  At the Research Days, the Sonoran Institute will celebrate its 25 years of involvement on the river by unveiling an online publication, State of the Santa Cruz, designed to spark community interest… MORE ›

News Release – 3.4.2014

  “How we plan for growing our transportation infrastructure is vitally important to the well-being of people and communities across our state,” said Maria Baier, chief executive officer for the Sonoran Institute. “The… MORE ›

News Release – 3.3.2014

  This historic event, stemming from the groundbreaking, multi-faceted Colorado River agreement negotiated between the U.S. and Mexico known as Minute 319, will help with efforts by the U.S. and Mexico to reestablish… MORE ›

News Release – 01-22-2014

  “Zombie subdivisions” – the living dead of the real estate market – can be reconfigured for more open space or turned over to other uses, but the far better policy is to… MORE ›

News Release – 10.9.2013

  “Wendi is the perfect fit for our organization’s ascending trajectory,” says Sonoran Institute Executive Director Maria Baier. “She comes to the Institute with a wealth of relevant experience and a true passion… MORE ›