Making environmental preservation a key component of community and economic success.

The West is epitomized by iconic images of natural beauty. However, uncontrolled growth, unsustainable energy practices and careless planning threaten the very elements that brought us to the West in the first place. In a region that is defined by its natural environment, it’s critical that we protect it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s not just about preserving picturesque scenery though. The natural environments of the West make life in this region possible. The land fosters community growth, provides natural energy resources and unprecedented economic opportunity. The natural environment gives us what we need to succeed and what we need to protect it. In doing so, we ensure our future here.

The work we do at the Sonoran Institute weaves through every facet of life in the West – and it’s all made possible thanks to the resources this region offers. That’s why we take so much pride in our conservation efforts, working with citizen groups, research cohorts, business leaders and government officials to encourage and support environmental preservation. Whether it’s something small, like bike trail planning, or massive initiatives like the Interstate 11 Corridor, we focus our efforts on solutions that benefit our built communities and our natural environments.Young cowgirl petting horse on family ranch

While preservation is key to our work, the act of rebuilding is equally important. Unfortunately, unsustainable practices have already negatively affected many areas in this region. But that doesn’t mean we give up. It just means we work that much harder to restore balance. From revitalizing rivers to reestablishing wildlife habitats, the work we do contributes to the successful economic and environmental future of our communities.

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We develop tools & information for communities to better understand what’s driving their local economies and for public land managers to assess the relative benefits of protecting or developing these lands. Our work underscores that protecting public lands is important economic development strategy. The California Desert is our most recent success.

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Innovative. Collaborative. Turning the impossible to possible. That is what we are doing in the Colorado River Delta and our newest effort in the estuary—one of the most productive and endangered ecosystems on earth—combines these themes.