What Does Water Taste Like?

Do you remember what water tasted like as a kid? For me, it’s a very vivid taste; and, I’m surprised about how many memories of drinking water I have! There were rules, of… MORE ›

Amanda Smith
Program Coordinator
Amanda Smith is a program coordinator working on our Growing Water Smart program, as well as the Santa Cruz River and assorted open space planning projects. She joined the Sonoran Institute in 2017.…
Stephanie Sklar
Our New Year’s Resolution for 2017

Dear Friend, We begin the New Year here at the Sonoran Institute with a simple message: Thank You! Thank you for your support, your dedication and your continued commitment to our North American… MORE ›

Laurinda Oswald
Board Member
Laurinda Oswald was born in Tucson, Arizona, but grew up in Italy, living in Florence for three years and Rome for nine. Her parents purchased the ranch in Amado, Arizona which she has now…
Claire Zugmeyer
Claire Zugmeyer is the lead ecologist and project manager for the Santa Cruz River projects. Joining Sonoran Institute in 2007, she leads a variety of efforts including production of the Living River series…
News Release – 03.19.14

  At the Research Days, the Sonoran Institute will celebrate its 25 years of involvement on the river by unveiling an online publication, State of the Santa Cruz, designed to spark community interest… MORE ›