Informe anual 2018 (Español)

El informe anual de 2018, Juntos Prosperamos, se centra en la colaboración. Estamos convencidos de que es la mejor manera de construir comunidades resilientes en el oeste. Cada equipo y cada proyecto en Sonoran… MORE ›

2018 Annual Report (English)

The 2018 annual report, Together We Thrive, focuses on collaboration. We are convinced it’s the best way to build resilient communities in the West. Every team and every project at Sonoran Institute brings… MORE ›

Sonoran Institute – 2015 Annual Report (10/27/16)

This annual report is dedicated to the next generation. It focuses on the future, not just for the Sonoran Institute and all of us who support this work, but for those who will inherit it from us.

Sonoran Institute – 2014 Annual Report (11.02.15)

For over 25 years, Sonoran Institute has been a pioneer in efforts to unite and celebrate the best of Western culture, history, nature and urban spaces by making connections, seeking practical solutions and promoting… MORE ›