Annual Report 2020 (English)


The 2020 annual report, Connect. Nourish. Sustain., showcases the impact made in our 30th anniversary year. It is the support of our donors and partners who have helped us work across borders and boundary lines to make a better water future possible for all.

30 years of connecting communities to the natural resources that nourish and sustain—providing the tools they need to plan for uncertainty and build resilience; 30 years of restoring our iconic rivers and building a constituency for their long-term protection. Our staff ’s creativity and ability to be resilient is the reason why Sonoran Institute is uniquely prepared to adapt to a warmer, drier future and the effects it will have on our climate.

Thank you for being resilient with us. Without you, none of the work in the following pages would be possible.

Este informe está disponible en español.