Celebrating a Healthy Santa Cruz River

Newly Released Living River Report Highlights Return of the Gila Topminnow The health of the Santa Cruz River continues to improve significantly. The return of aquatic wildlife to the river is proof that… MORE ›

Santa Cruz River

Join us Sonoran Institute is committed to leading the continued restoration of the Santa Cruz River, our jewel in the desert, and we want everybody in our region to join us.   Whether you live in the San Rafael… MORE ›

Gila Topminnow Riverside Picnic Dinner

6-9pm All ages welcome Celebrate the return of the Gila Topminnow and the flowing Santa Cruz River that created its healthy habitat. Toast to the Topminnow and view new artwork on the Loop… MORE ›

Earthworks on the Colorado River

“You know how they say, ‘You can’t love what you don’t know?’ Well, this is why we need to reach out to people who don’t know what the deal with the river is.… MORE ›

What Can a River Teach us?

The sun is just rising through their school bus windows, but these fourth graders aren’t going to school. Instead, they are doing something some of them have never done before; they’re taking a… MORE ›

Endangered Fish Thriving in Santa Cruz River

Recycled Wastewater Vital for Ecosystem Recovery The endangered Gila topminnow, which returned to the Santa Cruz River after a 10 year absence, now appears to be thriving. The native Arizona species, listed under… MORE ›

Lower Santa Cruz River Study Results

Newly Released Living River Report Tracks Changing River Conditions TUCSON, Ariz. (July 12, 2016) –  Pima County and the Sonoran Institute have finalized the third EPA-funded report in a series entitled A Living… MORE ›

Endangered Fish Rediscovered in Santa Cruz River

Return Demonstrates Role of Recycled Wastewater in Ecosystem Recovery “We have seen such an improvement in water quality from a 2009 upgrade to the international wastewater treatment plant that we knew Gila topminnow… MORE ›

Dragonfly Day on the Santa Cruz 2023

FREE EVENT / Family friendly Join us for our 5th annual celebration of dragonflies on the Santa Cruz River. There are many ways to learn and explore this year, from a community science… MORE ›

Dragonfly Day on the Santa Cruz 2022

FREE EVENT   Saturday, October 1, Sonoran Institute will again team up with the University of Arizona, Pima County Natural Resources Parks & Recreation, the Town of Marana, and Mission Garden to bring… MORE ›

Waste to Water: Modern Alchemy

Wastewater has been transformed into crystal clear, life-supporting water. John Light is the area operations manager at the Nogales International Wastewater Treatment Plant, and today he’s also the tour guide of this federal facility.